About Us

SuperXtar is an online worldwide singing contest, based on Tampa, Florida USA.

We feature singing based music videos for you to vote on.

6George Parra, Bob DePew, George Ruiz & Dusty Miller, founders.

Once per year we fly all our finalist to Nashville, Tennessee for our Grand Finale.

SuperXtar is an online worldwide singing contest, based in Tampa, Florida, USA. We feature singing music videos for you to vote on every week. We award winning singers and voters with Bitcoin prizes! (See our Prizes & Rules) 

Here at Superxtar, we are seeking to fill the void left by TV talent shows worldwide. In our contest, it won’t be the executives, but the fans will determine the winners.

We also believe that music unites people, so we want to contribute bringing harmony to this angry world. For this reason, we don’t mention the singer’s country of origin, or show any national flags. We want viewers to vote because of the singer’s talent, not their nationality!

Our contest season started November 04, 2015. The season consists of 48 Weekly Contests, which produce 48 Weekly Winners. Four weekly winners compete each month in the Monthly Contest, resulting in 12 Monthly Winners. Each Monthly Winner is flown to the “grand finale” in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, February 18, 2017.

To participate in our contest, singers need to upload their video in our website. We accept YouTube formats and all kind of music genres. Video submission is free.

For more information watch this video  > SuperXtar Contest or review our FAQ. Thank You!

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