Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is SuperXtar?

We are a worldwide, online, singing contest, where singers submit their video and people vote on them. Singers and voters could win Bitcoins as prizes in the process.

Why should I register?


Otherwise you cannot participate in our contest

As a viewer, you can win money when voting.

As a singer, it is the only way to participate in the contest.

What information will you require from me to register?

You will be required to create an username and password, also to enter your name, email address and country of residence.

Is it free to register in the contest?

Yes registration and video submission is free.

Why do I need to enter my real name when I register?

You don’t have to register with your real name, however, your real name is necessary if you want to be awarded Bitcoins. Otherwise if you win a prize you won’t be able to get it, since we require identification documents to confirm your registered name. But, don’t worry, protecting your privacy is very important to us. You may have heard this before but we will not sell or lease your personal data to third parties. 

I never received a confirmation email after registering. What do I do?

Don’t worry if you still can login, otherwise check your spam/bulk/junk mail folder. It’s probably in there. Consider adding to your contacts/address book, so future emails don’t get filtered into your spam.

Is there any age restriction to vote or participate in the contest?

Yes, You need to be at least 13 years of age to participate in the contest or to vote and win prizes.

I cannot logout?

We don’t give the user an option to logout once logged in to avoid creating several users and possible voting fraud.  Also it makes it easier to vote, because you don’t have to login each time.

I cannot change my username or my name, what do I do?

Contact us, you will be allowed to change your user name once.

I forgot my username and I cannot make another one with the same email address because it said email address is already taken. What can I do?

You can do a couple of things: Make another username with another email address or contact us to help you to find your username (This step coould take over 24 hrs)

Why do you give prizes to the voters?

To encourage all around participation. We want to spread the love.

How is SuperXtar contest structured?

We run weekly contests. The weekly winners participate in the monthly contest. The monthly contest winners go to our Grand Finale for the grand prize.

How is the contest season, that started this November 4th, 2015 structured?

Our contest season started at 12:00 pm November 04, 2015. The season consists of 48 Weekly Contests, which produce 48 Weekly Winners. Four weekly winners compete each month in the Monthly Contest, resulting in 12 Monthly Winners. Each Monthly Winner is flown to the “grand finale” in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, February 18, 2017.

When does the contest start & ends?

The season starts on November 04, 2015 and ends on February 18, 2016.

Where and when will the Grand Finale be?

Our grand finale will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, USA (we haven’t determined the exact auditorium yet). February 18, 2017.

Can anybody go to the Grand Finale?

Yes. Free admission.

Can I watch the Grand Finale on TV in my country?

Yes, The Grand Finale could be watched worldwide on the smart TV channel Vrtuo Tv.

Why are you giving prizes in Bitcoins and not Dollars?

Bitcoins is a digital currency that is easy to send to almost anyone in any part of the world.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used online. Click here for more information

How can I receive my prizes in Bitcoins?

You need an email account and to open a Bitcoin Wallet, which it’s very easy.

What if I can not get Bitcoins in my country?

Anybody with internet access should be able to get Bitcoins anywhere in the world.

Do I need to pay taxes on the Bitcoins that I win?

We don’t know. Taxes are a complex thing and change according to each country.

What can I do with the Bitcoins that I won?

You can sell them or buy quite a bit of stuff online.

I won my prize in Bitcoins but I haven’t received them?

Bitcoins will be awarded at the Grand Finale; February 18, 2017.

Who is responsible for awarding the prizes?

Our sponsor VrTuo Tv

Who is VrTuo Tv?

VrTuo.Tvour sponsor, is a Smart TV channel that you can watch on Roku, Amazon fire, or Chrome TV

What is it “Who Wrote That”?

Who Wrote That?’ is a VrTuo Tv show that helps the audience get to know the songwriters and their internal struggles in a song creation. ‘Who Wrote That?’ will merge with SuperXtar in the Grand Finale. The 12 SuperXtar finalists will participate in this contest as well. The prizes are the same as SuperXtar’s.

Singer Questions


How can I enter the contest?

You need to register and upload your video.  It is free!

What is the age limit to participate in the contest?

There isn’t an age limit. The minimum age is 13 years of age.

What are the prizes for the singers?

  • Weekly prizes of $1,000 in Bitcoin value.
  • $5,000 to each monthly winner
  • The 12 monthly winners, the 3 best week winners and their companions will be flown from all over the world to the Grand Finale site in Nashville, Tennessee, with all expenses paid. All of them will also participate in the VrTuo Tv reality show: ‘Who Wrote That?’
  • Our Grand Finale prizes are: $25,000 for third place and $50,000 for second place. The winner will receive a $100,000 recording contract and a restored Harley Davidson Motorcycle.
  • All Winners will get promotion in all our social media channels.

How often is a winner chosen?

A winner will be chosen weekly, monthly and announced on Wednesdays.

How are the winners picked?

By the highest vote.

After I win the contest how long does it take to get my prize?

Allow us 60 days

What is the process to award a prize to the winning singer?

The singer will need to show us identification papers. We want to be sure that the winner is not an impersonator of the real singer. Once identity is confirmed, then the sponsor will send the Bitcoins to the winner.

How do I enter the monthly contest?

Only weekly winners can enter the monthly contest. Once you win the weekly contest, you are automatically entered into the monthly contest.

How does a Contestant wins the Monthly Contest?

In the same ways as he/she wins the Weekly Contest… by the highest vote or popular vote.

How many times could I win a contest?

You are allowed to win up to 3 weekly contests and one monthly contest per season. Only one Grand Finale per lifetime.

For how long does the Monthly Contest run?

It runs for a week, at the same time as the weekly contests. It runs in another page of our website.

What about if I win the monthly contest and I’m a minor?

Any monthly winner or guest singer invited to our Grand Finale that is a minor, needs to bring at least one parent or guardianFor how long does the Monthly Contest run?

Will you provide me with the visa to enter USA if I win the monthly contest?

No, we do not. The USA embassy or consulate in your country will provide you the visa. We will send you an invitation for your participation in the Grand Finale and we can assist you with any confirmation needed from embassy officials. You also can show them our website featuring you winning.

How many people can I bring with with me to the USA if I win the monthly contest?

You can bring 2 companions

For how long will the monthly winner be staying in the USA?

We provide hotel and meals to the monthly winners and their companions for 10 days, although they can stay in the US as long as their visa allows.

What exactly would you provide for the trip to the monthly winners and companions?

Round trip plane tickets to Nashville, USA for the winner and two companions.

Hotel and meal packages for 10 days

Tour and transportation around Nashville.

What happens if I win the monthly contest but I can not make it to the USA?

You will forfeit your opportunity to participate in the Grand Finale and all it encompasses.

A replacement will take your place.

If the contest has already started, can I still submit my video?

Sure, You can submit your video anytime, until Sunday at 11:59 pm, October 09, 2016

How do I know how I’m doing in the competition?

You can see the contest results live.

When I submit my video, do I still own my copyright?

Yes, it is your video. You own it, we don’t. Your Content is all yours. Submitting your video to our contest is not any different than posting your video in YouTube.

Do I get paid when you feature my video online or on TV?

No, when you submit a video you are giving us permission to use it in our contest, promotion materials or on TV.

Do I need to upload my original video files on your site?

No! Links to YouTube, Vimeo, or others will be ok. Our site doesn’t support the uploading of original files.

How much does it cost to submit a video?

It’s free

Why did my video not show up in the contest?

There are many reasons why your video may not be in the contest. You may have entered an invalid video URL or your video has yet to be chosen by our in-house judges. Copyright infringement is another reason. The quality of the video could be unacceptable, or your video may have been inadmissible due to warmongering, promoting social divisions, political interests, religion, hate, controversial issues or even has explicit language. If after 60 days we haven’t featured your video or you haven’t heard from us, please contact us. We will send you an email explaining the reasonings.

If after 60 days we haven’t featured your video or you haven’t heard from us, please contact us.

My video has a few bad words and some nudity, is it ok to submit it?

We are a family oriented contest. All material submitted should be enjoyable to be watched by a family with children. It has to be PG.

What kind of genre songs do you accept?

We accept all genres of songs as long as they adhere to our guidelines or rules here.

What is SuperXtar position on controversial issues?

Anything that gives rise or is likely to give rise to public disagreement; is a controversial issue. SuperXtar wants to unify and not divide. We will not feature any video with controversial issues that has the potential to cause division.

Can I submit my drum playing song?

As long as you sing on it, it is OK with us. Remember, SuperXtar is a singing contest.

Can I send you my dancing video?

No. We are looking for SINGING performances that could incorporate dance.

Can a singer vote and win prizes also?

Of course, anybody that registers and votes can win prizes.

Can my video be re-submitted again?

Yes, you can.

How many times can I re-submit my video?

Up to three times. However once you win a weekly contest you cannot re-submit the same video again. You could submit another video though.

Can I submit a video that I have already posted in another contest?

Yes, no problem.

I won the OLD SuperXtar weekly contest, Can I submit the same video again?

Yes, you can.

Does my song need to be original?

Yes, we only accept original songs, no covers please.

What about if my song is original but I’m not the songwriter?

As long as the songwriter gave you permission, it is fine with us. Otherwise we will remove the video from the contest.

How do I know my video has been accepted in the contest?

You can see in your “Profile” the status of your video. If your video has been approved, then it will be featured in our contest. If it says “Limbo” it could or not be featured. “Unqualified” videos weren’t accept. If you don’t see your video in your profile, it was deleted or it never came through.

How will I know if the quality of my video is acceptable to you?

Below there are some links with an example of low budget videos with acceptable quality. Their quality of lighting, camera shots, sounds, background and performance, show our minimum requirements. (By the way, all these videos won our old free weekly contest. Noticed that some were produced in a backyard or in the singer’s own bedroom!)


Do you accept groups or bands?

Yes, we do!

Do you accept professional singers to participate in the contest? I’m an amateur singer, I don’t have their resources, how can I compete against them and win?

Yes, we accept anyone in our contest, even professional performers and yes you can win. To compete against any professional singer and win, your song or performance needs to be outstanding. Don’t limited yourself to just singing the song, but dance, jump, do crazy or funny things. Why don’t you create some dance steps that people will love to watch? Practice, practice, and practice. Remember Goliath didn’t defeat David, but the opposite was true. Also remember to promote your participation in the contest, using your social media channels, telling your friends, school mates, etc., and don’t forget that voters like to vote for the underdog if he/she is good.

How can I get more votes?

Use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel accounts!! Social Media is one of the best ways to get your name out there!. Also DON’T FORGET to TELL your friends that they can WIN THOUSANDS of dollars in Bitcoins just by voting for you. This is an INCENTIVE TOOL for you to use to motivate your followers!  Go to RADIO SHOWS, NEWSPAPERS and other local NEWS OUTLETS in your country and ASK for their support. 

How do you handle fraudulent votes?

We delete votes, remove videos and will revoke registration because of fraud. We do keep a close eye on how votes are coming in, and we will use filters to catch fraud.

Voter Questions


How do I know I won Bitcoins?

We will let you know by email..

I won Bitcoins but I was denied them, why?

Our rules stipulate conditions to award prizes. Eg. Like to be able to identify yourself with identification. Bitcoins could attract fraud and scammers. We want to avoid crooks, or the same people winning prizes multiple times over.

What are the weekly prizes for the voters?

The weekly prizes for the voters are:

  • 5 prizes of $100  worth of Bitcoins
  • 10 prizes of $50  worth of Bitcoins
  • A voter cannot win more than two prizes on the same week.


What are the monthly prizes for the voters?

Monthly prizes of $500 worth of Bitcoins

Is there an annual or Grand Finale prize to voters?

Yeap: A jackpot of $10,000 worth of Bitcoins!

How many times can I win prizes when voting?

  • During one season the same person could win:
  • One prize of $500 worth of Bitcoins
  • Four prizes of $100 worth of Bitcoins
  • Six prizes of $50 worth of Bitcoins
  • One Grand Finale Jackpot $10,000 worth of Bitcoins
    (One per lifetime).


What if I don’t want Bitcoins, can you send me cash?


What can I do with my Bitcoins?

You can sell them or buy quite a bit of stuff online.

How would you send me Bitcoins?

You need to open a Bitcoin Wallet to receive Bitcoins.

How many times can I vote?

One time every 12 hours.

Can I vote for the same video more than once?

Yes, after 12 hrs.

How do you pick the winning voters?

We have an special software program that picks out random voters.

How often do you pick up the winning voters?

Every week.

How much time do I have to claim my Bitcoins?

48 hrs after our sponsor notifies you. After this time we will give them to the next winner.

When is the deadline for voting?

Wednesdays at 11:59 a.m. for the Weekly Contest and Thursdays at 11:59 am for the Monthly Contest (U.S Eastern Standard Time)

Contest Ended


Registration name cannot change once entered.

Enter name as appear in your ID if you want to win Bitcoins!

Only Valid Email Addresses Win Bitcoins

No more than 3 users per IP address


Contest is not active at this time, check back later