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Singer Prizes

  • Weekly prize of $1,000 in Bitcoin value.
  • $5,000 to each monthly winner
  • Each monthly winner and 2 companions will be flown from anywhere around the world to the Grand Finale site in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
  • Hotel and meal packages for 10 days
  • Tour and transportation around Nashville.
  • Participation in the VrTuo TV reality show: ‘Who Wrote That?’
  • Grand finale prizes: $25,000 for third place and $50,000 for second place. The winner will receive a $100,000 recording contract and a restored Harley Davidson Motorcycle.
  • All Winners will get free promotion in all our social media channels.

Voter Prizes

  • 5 Weekly prizes of $100 worth of Bitcoins
  • 10 Weekly prizes of $50 worth of Bitcoins
  • Monthly prizes of $500 worth of Bitcoins
  • A jackpot of $10,000 worth of Bitcoins

Contest Rules

Our contest season started November 04, 2015. The season consists of 48 Weekly Contests, which produce 48 Weekly Winners. Four weekly winners compete each month in the Monthly Contest, resulting in 12 Monthly Winners. Each Monthly Winner is flown to the “grand finale” in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Saturday February 18, 2017.

    1. Voters and contestants in our contest must be 13 years of age or older.
    2. Registration is required to participate in the contest as either a singer or a voter.
    3. Registration and video submission are free.
    4. In order to be awarded Bitcoins, user needs to register with legal name. We will require identification documents to confirm your registered name. (Protecting your privacy is very important to us. We will not sell or lease your personal data to third parties).
    5. One registered user = one person.
    6. No more than 3 registered users per household (IP address).
    7. A registered user can vote for any video one time every 12 hrs.
    8. We delete any registered user and vote with an invalid or disposable email address.
    9. Proxy IP voting is invalid.
    10. The contest season started on November 04, 2015 and ends on February 18, 2017.
    11. The Weekly Contests start every Wednesday at 1 pm and end the following Wednesday at 11:59 am..
    12. The Monthly Contests start on a Thursday at 1 pm and end the following Thursday at 11:59 am, once per month.
    13. Only weekly winners qualify to be automatically entered into the Monthly Contest.
    14. 4 or 5 weekly winners contestans participate in each Monthly Contest.
    15. The weekly or monthly winning singer is official announce at 1 pm, after the repective contest ends.
    16. If contestants tie for the Weekly Contest they will split the prize and both will qualify for the Monthly Contest.
    17. Contestants cannot tie in the Monthly Contest. In case of a tie in the Monthly Contest the contest will extend one hour more and so forth until the tie is broken.
    18. The video submission deadline for this season is Sunday at 11:59 pm, October 09, 2016
    19. The last Weekly Contest for this season starts on October 12, 2016 and ends on October 19, 2016
    20. The last Monthly Contest for this season starts on October 27, 2016 and ends on November 3, 2016
    21. All our times are based on U.S Eastern Standard Time or New York Time.
    22. Contestants will be notified about participating in the contest at least three days before.
    23. Our grand finale will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on February 18, 2017 (Auditorium to be announced).
    24. Uploading someone else’s video is not permitted unless you are a legal representative or manager of the singer.
    25. We take copyright infringement seriously. If you are not the songwriter and have not received permission to use his/her song, we will remove the video from the contest.
    26. Winning singers or voters will be notified that they have won with the email address he/she has provided during registration.
    27. The winning singer will need to provide us with identification papers to claim his/her prize. We want to be sure that the winner is not an impersonator of the real singer. Once identity is confirmed, then the sponsor will send the Bitcoins to the winner.
    28. A singer is allowed to win up to 3 weekly contests and one monthly contest per season. Only one Grand Finale per lifetime.
    29. Each monthly winner and 2 companions will be flown from anywhere around the world to the Grand Finale site in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
    30. If the monthly winner is a band or group, all members and two of their crew will be flown from anywhere around the world to the Grand Finale site in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
    31. Any monthly winner or guest singer invited to our Grand Finale that is a minor, needs to bring at least one parent or guardian
    32. If you win the Monthly Contest and you are invited to come to our grand finale in the United States (US), you should know that Superxtar doesn’t apply for your US visa. You need to approach the US embassy or consulate in your country and take care of your own application. We will send you an official invitation for the Grand Finale and we will assist you with any confirmation or documentation from our part that you’d need to show to the embassy officials. You could also show them our website featuring you as a winner to help your application process.
    33. If the monthly winner isn’t able to get a visa or for any reason he/she cannot can come to our final contest, he/she will forfeit their opportunity to participate in the Grand Finale and all it encompasses.
    34. Your video is yours. You own the copyright. You just agree licensing the right for SuperXtar (and its successors’ and affiliates’) to make your Content available to other entities who partner with SuperXtar
    35. No singer gets any royalties when his/her video is featured online or on TV.
    36. When a singer submits his/her video, he/she is giving us permission to use it in our contest, for promotional purposes, or on a television broadcast.
    37. We reserve the right to qualify the videos to participate in the contest.
    38. Any video with less than 15 votes by the third day of the contest may be removed.
    39. Your video must be in compliance with our guidelines in order to qualify for the contest.
    40. There are many reasons why your video may not be accepted in the contest.
      1. You may have entered an invalid video URL
      2. Your video has yet to be chosen by our in-house judges
      3. Copyright infringement
      4. Quality of the video is unacceptable
      5. Your video may have been inadmissible due to warmongering, promoting social divisions, political interests, religion, hate, controversial issues or has explicit language, etc.
    41. The lighting quality, camera shot, sounds, background of the video and your performance should meet our minimum requirements for us to feature your video.
    42. Below are links to some low budget videos with acceptable quality. Their quality of lighting, camera shot, sounds, background, and singer performance, shows our minimum requirements:
      1. Sia Elastic Heart (Cover by Alexa Carroccia)
      2. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You (cover en español) Melissa Vargas
      3. Kayley Hughes – Try – Pink
      4. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (Lawrence Park Cover)
      5. Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia (cover) Jess Greenberg
    43. We are a family oriented contest. All videos should be able to be watched by families with small children. The video content has to be a PG (Parental Guidance) rating.
    44. We accept all genres of songs as long as they adhere to our guidelines.
    45. SuperXtar only accepts singing music videos.
    46. Anything that gives rise or is likely to give rise to public disagreement is a controversial issue. SuperXtar wants to unify and not divide. We will not feature any video with controversial issues that has the potential to cause division!
    47. The singer/band must be shown in the video. We don’t want videos that are only cartoons, pictures, or other actors telling a story, etc.
    48. You can see the status of your submited video on the top of your “Profile” page.
    49. If your video has been “Approved” and after 60 days we haven’t featured it  in our contest, or you haven’t heard from us, you may contact us regarding this issue.
    50. Any contestant that votes can win prizes as voter too.
    51. Our sponsor VrTuo Tv is responsible for awarding all prizes. SuperXtar is responsible for the contest only.
    52. Throughout the contest season, a contestant can win the Weekly Contest up to three times. However the contestant can win with the same the same video only twice. The third time has to be with a new video.
    53. You can re-enter the Weekly Contest 30 days after the last Weekly Contest in which you participated ended.
    54. You can submit videos that are already posted in other contests, as well as you can re-submit a winning video from the old SuperXtar contest (when prizes given was only free promotion in our social media channels).
    55. We accept original songs only, no covers songs are allowed.
    56. Groups, bands and professional singers are welcome to our contest!
    57. Suspicious activity/voting fraud/buying votes will disqualify contestant.
    58. We penalize fraud by deleting a double amount of the total of suspicious votes, or by removing videos and/or revoking registrations. We keep a close eye on how votes are coming in. Filters are used to catch fraud.
    59. To receive Bitcoins, you need an email account and a Bitcoin Wallet. (
    60. We will let the voter know by email when he/she wins Bitcoins.
    61. Any voter needs to show identification papers to receive Bitcoins prize.
    62. Bitcoins will be awarded by our sponsor VrTuo Tv at the Grand Finale; February 18, 2017
    63. During the season a voter could win:
      1. One prize of $500 worth of Bitcoins
      2. Two prizes of $100 worth of Bitcoins
      3. Three prizes of $50 worth of Bitcoins
      4. One Grand Finale Jackpot $10,000 worth of Bitcoins (Once per lifetime).
    64. Voters cannot win more than one prize on the same week.
    65. We have custom built software that picks out random voters to award them prizes.
    66. We pick up the winning voters after featured contest is ended.
    67. You have up to 48 hrs to claim your Bitcoins once you are notified by our sponsor.

Coaching Tips


  • Song:
    Compose a song that allows you to be exhibited at your best.
  • Sound Quality:
    Sometimes it is better to record your vocals and video separately. Then put them together with an editing tool.
  • Music:
    Try not to sing acapella, If you don’t have music to accompany your song, try this or
  • Lighting:
    Be sure you have adequate lighting in front of you. Too much can wash you out. Too little could be to dark
  • Physical Background:
    Try and keep the background simple. Try to sing with your back against a plain color wall. If possible avoid singing at your desk or in your bedroom. (Or do so in a way where the viewer can’t tell you’re in your bedroom!) We want people to stay focused on you and not your superman bedsheets, even if they are awesome.
  • Outfit:
    Wear properly arranged clothes, remember you want to look like a star. Also be sure that your clothes don’t blend in with the background and that the colors are video friendly. .,
  • Movement:
    Try to dance and perform like a star. If possible don’t record yourself sitting down or on your bed. If you find yourself with no other option, be engaging. Remember practice makes perfect. Make a dynamic performance & have fun!!
  • Full shot video:
    If you’re dancing and performing, a full shot of your whole body is a must, the viewer wants to see you. In this shot you may not be able to record your vocals at the same time you dance, so you may need to do it separately.
Contest Ended


Registration name cannot change once entered.

Enter name as appear in your ID if you want to win Bitcoins!

Only Valid Email Addresses Win Bitcoins

No more than 3 users per IP address


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